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5 Foundations of Faith

1. Oness of Allah

There is only one God - Eternal, Self-sufficient; He has no beginning or end; He is Omnipotent, has power over everything and every affair; He is Omniscient, knows everything, nothing is ever a secret from Him. He has His own discretion in all affairs, does not do anything under compulsion.

2. Justice of Allah

Allah is just; He does not do injustice to anyone. He has ordered us to do justice to our fellow creatures - but He Himself treats us not only with justice but with grace. 

3. Prophethood

There came 124,000 prophets and messengers, beginning with Adam (as) and ending with Muhammad (pbuh). All the prophets were infallible. The Holy Prophet of Islam, is the Final Prophet; anybody claiming prophet hood after him is liar and imposter.

4. Divine Leadership

To lead the people to the Straight Path, and to preserve the religion of Islam, Allah appointed twelve successors - one after another - of the Prophet of Islam. They are called Imams.

Imam Mahdi, the twelfth Imam, is alive, but is hidden from our eyes by order of Allah. He will re-appear, when Allah allows him, to establish the Kingdom of God on the earth. 

5.  Judgement Day

After that will come Qiyamat, the day of judgement. Everything will perish; then the whole mankind will be resurrected to face the reckoning of their faith and deeds.

The Quran
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