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Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

The first light. The mercy to the worlds. The greatest creation of Allah (swt).

Name: Muhammad

Title: Al-Mustafa

Agnomen: Abu'l-Qasim

Father's name: Abdullah ibn Abdi'1-Muttalib

Mother's name: Aminah bint Wahb

Birth: Born in Mecca on Friday, 17th Rabiu'l-awwal, in the Year of Elephant

Death: Died at the age of 63 in Medina on Monday, 28th Safar, 11 AH; buried in his apartment adjoining the mosque, in Medina

"I was sent with the most noble and refined character." - Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) [Amali al-Shaykh al-Tusi 2:209]

The Holy Prophet said, “The first thing God created was my light.”

The oldest and noblest tribe in the whole of Arabia was Banu Hashim. They were the descendants of Ibrahim through his son Isma'il. The Arabs respected and loved them for their goodness, knowledge and bravery.

Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him

Lover of nature and quite, worried about human sufferings, Muhammad very often retired to Mount Hira' for meditations. One night, laylatul-qadr (the Night of Majesty) a voice addressing him, commanded "Recite in the Name of thy Lord." (Surah al-‘Alaq 96:1). Deeply excited by the strange phenomena of Divine Visitation, Muhammad hurried home to his wife, Khadijah, who listened to him attentively and said that "I bear witness that you are the Apostle of God."

After an interval, the voice from heaven spoke again "O thou shrouded in thy mantle, arise, and warn, and magnify thy Lord." (Surah al-Muddathir 74:1-3) This was a signal for him to start preaching the gospel of truth of One God.

In the beginning Muhammad invited only those near him, to accept the new Faith. The first to embrace Islam among women was Khadijah and among men `Ali. Soon after, Zayd ibn al-Harithah became a convert to the new Faith followed by Abu Bakr and `Uthman. `Umar hitherto a violent opponent of Islam, notorious for the persecution of the Muslims and a bitter enemy of the Prophet, embraced Islam, later.